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Take control
of your online life

Pocket Geek® Privacy is a comprehensive platform that helps keep your information safer and more secure

A single account across all your devices

Compatible with Chrome and Firefox computer browsers and iOS and Android devices

Privowny App protects your privacy on all your devices.
Password Manager


Only one Master Password to remember

Securely store and retrieve usernames and passwords across devices to help avoid the impacts of account hacking, fraud and lost credentials

  • Generates strong and unique passwords for your favorite websites and apps
  • Helps ensure that you, and only you, can access your passwords
  • Autofills your login forms across browsers and devices
  • Lists all your accounts with their password strength
  • Imports all your accounts from Chrome (or other password managers)


Don’t give your real email address away

Create and store unlimited alias email addresses on demand, so you can help protect your email address, manage spam and mitigate ID theft

  • Creates unique anonymized email addresses ("aliases")
  • Forwards all the emails to your usual inbox without storing them
  • Gives you the power to block specific senders or aliases
  • Reduces spam and frees up space in your inbox
  • Empowers you: discover who shares your email address


Manage online trackers

Experience faster, more secure and more enjoyable internet browsing by limiting ads and trackers

  • Gives you more control over trackers
  • Classifies trackers by category
  • Offers website by website fine-tuning
  • Removes unwanted advertising and monitoring
  • Enhances your browsing speed


Gain insight into the data you leave behind

Keep track of who you’ve left your data with and the types of profiles you’re generating online

  • Safeguards important data only you can access
  • Maintains your personal record of the data you leave online
  • Provides insight into the quantity of that data
  • Helps protect your credit card numbers by only storing the last 4 digits
  • Enables you to store and protect the sensitive data that matters to you

Secure and private by design

Pocket Geek Privacy values, respects, and helps you protect your privacy.

  • Your data is yours, not ours.
  • We do not sell your personal data.
  • We do not rent or share any of your personal data for advertising or commercial purposes.
  • We are committed to protecting your data with state-of-the-art encryption technology.
  • We do not store the Master Password used to decrypt your data: we have no access to your protected data.

Privacy is our first building block

For us, privacy is not an afterthought. Our technology is designed with a privacy-centric mindset. We have no way to access the sensitive data you encrypt.


Your secret Master Password helps protect your data

You will create the secret Master Password used to decrypt your data (including your passwords). To keep your data safe, you are its only guardian: we don’t store or keep track of it in any way, meaning we can’t put it at risk or misuse it.


Leading data encryption technologies

We use military-grade encryption algorithms with well-established protocols combined to a robust architecture to help ensure the security of your data.

If you want to learn more about the product, take a look at our detailed articles and knowledge base.